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SOAB database provides input data to calculate according to the ISO 12354 series and it supports CadnaB, BASTIAN & SONarchitect.


Using these softwares together with our database can be said to be good industry practice for predicting the sound insulation.

What the offer

A database with carefully selected input values, with more than 1500 European products. The database is used by many consultants and it is continuously updated with more products on the market that are sent out to our subscribers.

Reviewed & validated data

Input values are carefully selected according to our policy and entered into the product databases.

2 updates yearly

Updates of the database files are sent out with a typical interval of 6 months between each update.

Access to 1500+ products

The databases covers numerous products from both nordic countries and european countries.

Our Price

€420 / year

Use of the SOAB database during 1 year, including regular updates by download or e-mail about 2 times/year, per simultaneous user coded on the USB-dongle(s), per software: EUR 420. There are no multiple license discounts, since the effective price per user is already low.

Contact us for a subscription plan to SOAB Database

Thank you for contacting us! We will get back to you shortely!


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Below is a short summary of our conditions. Please read the full documentation for all conditions related to the subscription.

Product review

We review all product information according to our quality policy prior to publication in the database, and may reject any information or product that does not conform to this policy. However, this review is restricted to assuring that relevant tests or theoretical investigations have been made and that the product information refer to the construction being submitted for publication in the database. We can not verify the validity of the test results, nor the technical properties of the product described in the documentation submitted by the manufacturer.

Prolonged or cancelled

Upon expiration, the subscription period will be prolonged by another 1 year period unless otherwise has been agreed upon at the day of expiration, at the fee according to the 1st bullet point above.

Should the subscription be cancelled, all database files shall be deleted from all computers within the company. This action shall be attested by a manager and forwarded to us. It is unlawful to continue using these files after cancellation of the subscription.


A subscription on the database allows the user to apply updated and relevant product information from the database to a calculation model. The purpose is to make calculations according to EN ISO 12354 as well as printing and storing the documentation of such a calculation. It is not allowed to use, share or publish the information of the database for any other purpose without our prior allowance. It is recommended to state in clients reports, marketing etcetera whether input data are taken from the SOAB database or entered manually by the calculation operator.

Updates of the database

Updates of the database files, or links for downloads, are sent by e-mail as soon as corrections or additional information has been added, with a typical interval of 6 months between each update. See also the FAQ page. The advertisers of building elements (manufacturers, resellers, et al) are responsible for the validity of their data herein.

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