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Roadmap for Acoulatis

Enhanced models

During  2024, Acoulatis will be improved with more advance calculations to support new combinations.

Additionaly, more products and manufactures will be included to the database with supporting calculation models.

Image by Clément Hélardot

Improved user functionality

User functionality features will be improved during the middle of 2024. This includes user settings, clean overview of your saved projects and the ability to share projects between users in your team.

Architectural Construction

More functionalities

During the end of 2024, more functionalities will be implemented. This includes:

- STC and IIC values for ASTM standard

- Multilingual

- Comparison between calculations

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Additional template modules

More template modules will be added during 2024/2025. This includes structures with a base of Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and also lightweight walls.

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