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Advertise Products in the SOAB Database

 Reach out with your products to acousticians within the programs
they use on a daily basis! One advertisments will make your product visible in all three software applications, see below.

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Our Price

The fee covers a one (1) year advertising period of a product in the SOAB database for all three programs: Bastian, SONarchitect and CadnaB.

New advertisers

A start-up fee of €550 is applied only the first year. Additionaly, a fee per product of €150 is applied each year. Discounts are offered for multiple products.

Existing advertisers

For existing advertisers, a fee per product and year of €150 is applied. The same fee is usually applied if existing advertisers want to include more products.

What we Offer

We offer to publish your products with accurate acoustical performance values after a review of all product information according to our quality assurance policy. We may reject any information or product that we consider is not conforming to our policy to assure that the right data is used in the program for the acoustic consultants to ensure good quality in the calculations.

Offering Apple at the Market

This is how the database started


Founded by Simmons akustik & utveckling (SAU) for Bastian


Reached over 800 products in the database


Developed for Bastian, CadnaB & SONarchitect


Transferred to Sonusoft AB (SOAB)


Working With Some of the Best

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What we would like from you

To review your products, we would like one of the following:


Laboratory measurements

Laboratory measurements, made by a well-reputed, independent institute (a), may be used in the general case, and are preferred for small building elements and sound sources. Results at very low frequencies may need revision. Additional information may be required to document if the construction is reliable on site, especially if there are no experiences from finalized and tested buildings (d)


Field measurements

Field measurements, made by experienced acousticians (b), may be used for most products, and are suitable for many sound sources, ductworks, raised or floating floors and complicated assemblies of products where the junctions play an important role to the performance. Here, several tests are needed, to verify reproducibility of the declared results


Theoretical calculations

Calculations made by an experienced acoustician (c), with theoretical models being validated by comparisons to measurements of comparable products, is the preferred method for heavy isotropic structures as well as groups of sound sources (e.g. traffic noise). Calculations may also be used for framed structures, e.g. plasterboard walls on resilient studs

Note a: Measurements are made in full accordance with applicable international standards. The laboratory is certified or accredited for these methods, or it participates in national or international inter-laboratory tests (round robins). The laboratory staff examines carefully the test object and the mounting conditions, and reports all relevant details.

Note b: The consultant making the tests is independent, i.e. does not have any commercial interests in the product under test, is not involved in any part of its development, and does not plan the test building. Tests of at least 3 well documented construction samples, preferably in different building projects, shall be presented. These field data will be analyzed by calculations. Appropriate data will be derived; that make calculation results fit to field results on the average, i.e. any systematic differences will be compensated for. The standard deviation of comparison and a design margin are stated.


Note c: The consultant making the calculations is independent according to note (b). The report states the software origin, the relevant input data, how the calculation model has been validated for this particular product, and estimates an uncertainty of the data.

Note d: Users of the database should review all information as well. In case of doubt of the sound performance, or any other practical property, we recommend small scale or full scale field tests to be made to verify the performances. Then mounting instructions etcetera should be updated to reflect practical experiences of the product.

Disclaimer: This common policy, as published at, may be changed without prior notice.

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