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Installing Computer

Install the database

Here is information on how to save and import the database to CadnaB. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions or if there are constructions that you miss and wish to be included in the database

We ask you to please pay respect to this database as it is only intended for its subscribers, no bootlegging, do not forward any information to others:

  • there is much work behind, e.g. comparisons to field data, manufacturers contacts etc, so I ask you to treat it as collegiate information.

  • it is protected by European legislation.

  • it will be updated twice per year to protect Your consultancy work, so make sure to keep your database updated!

  • Please read through the conditions for subscribers attached to this email.

1. Latest version of CadnaB

Make sure that you have the latest version of CadnaB, downloaded from

CadnaB on Datakustik Website

2. Download the database files

Download the file sent to your email address via Sprend and extract all files on your computer, for example in the folder "Downloads" for Windows computers.

Extract Database from Folder

3. Save the extracted files in the right location

Open the folder you just extracted and go through the folders until you see all the files. Then copy and paste all the files into the following folder: C:\User\YourID\AppData\Local\Datakustik\CadnaB (change the YourID to match yours). Overwrite any files if asked. The folder AppData is a hidden folder that you can show by going to the tab View - and check the box to the right that says "Hidden objects".

Save Database Files

4a. Have you previously installed the database from us?

If you have installed the database from us previously on your computer, then you are finished, and you should be able to find all the added products under the construction browser (Ctrl+M). If this is the first time installing the database on your computer, or if you can't find the added products, please go to step 4b.

Crossing the Finish Line

4b. Import the database to CadnaB - Step 1 (new install)

Now, the database needs to be imported into CadnaB. Open CadnaB and in the top menu, go to Tables --> Construction Browser, or click Ctrl+M.

Construction Browser in CadnaB

5. Import the database to CadnaB - Step 2

Click on the cogwheel:

Import SOAB Database in CadnaB

6. Import the database to CadnaB - Step 3

Click on the center icon to import an existing database:

Import SOAB Database in CadnaB program

7. Import the database to CadnaB - Step 4

Navigate to the folder where you saved all the files before (C:\User\YourID\AppData\Local\Datakustik\CadnaB) and open the file type as shown below. Make sure to upload the newest file in this folder (the one we sent you latest).


8. Final step

Thereafter, click OK. Now you should be able to find the database in your Construction browser in the left menu at the bottom. Please also check that you can see the images for each product.

Crossing the Finish Line
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