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Abstrakt geometrisk struktur

Building acoustic databases & software

The next generation services

We develop the next generation building acoustic services to predict the

sound insulation of building elements.

Building acoustic data:

SOAB database

Powerful database with numerous products compatible with CadnaB, BASTIAN and SONarchitect

Continuous development & updates

Always up to date with the new trends and products on the market with accurate results

Our calculation software: Acoulatis

Predict the sound insulation of building elements with our own software:



The acoustic prediction model for future buildings

A tool to predict the airborne and impact sound insulation of building parts, with a focus on wooden buildings

The SOAB Database

We offer the SOAB database to calculate sound insulation in buildings that are compatible with CadnaB, SONarchitect and BASTIAN. Input values in the database are carefully selected and there are more than 1500 Nordic and European constructions.

CadnaB logotype

CadnaB is developed by DataKustik GmbH with similar features as its predecessor BASTIAN. Together with our database, it becomes a powerful tool to calculate the building acoustic parameters.

SONarchitect logotype

SONarchitect is developed by Sound of Numbers and with it, you can evaluate the sound insulation of the entire building according to the ISO 12354 series. Our database is integrated within the Acousticbase database that the program uses.

BASTIAN logotype

BASTIAN has been used in the Nordic countries since 2000 to calculate sound insulation in buildings. The software is still used by many consultants but it is no longer maintained by the supplier DataKustik GmbH.

Modern Workspace in Wood

Enhance your building acoustic knowledge

With the SOAB database and our software, Acoulatis, you can deliver powerful and accurate calculations to your upcoming building constructions. They are the right tools for any building acoustic expert. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!


With our software, Acoulatis, you can deliver powerful and accurate calculations to your upcoming building constructions


Our Database

Interested in subscribing to the database or advertising your products in them?

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